mustang museum of america

Displaying Your Mustang in the Museum

The Mustang Museum of America will consider displaying an individual owner’s Mustang or Mustangs. If you are interested in displaying your vehicle at the Museum, please review the following information and contact the Museum Director with any questions and to obtain a copy of the Museum Vehicle Loan Agreement.

Display guidelines are the following:

  • Generally, the Mustang must be museum-quality, however, other unique Mustangs will also be considered
  • The Mustang to be considered for display should be in stock or near-stock condition
  • The length of time of the display can be negotiated, however a minimum of six months is requested
  • The Mustang owner must provide insurance (property damage, fire, theft, etc.) on the vehicle at all times while the vehicle is in transit to or from the Museum and on display in the Museum
  • The Museum will require a proof of insurance document from the insurance company that provides insurance coverage on the vehicle
  • The Mustang owner is responsible for transporting the Mustang to the Museum; depending on owner’s location, the Museum may have a recommended transport shipper
  • The Museum will provide routine maintenance to the Mustang if owner desires; specific maintenance will be clearly defined in writing between Mustang owner and Museum
  • The Museum will not drive the owner’s vehicle unless instructed in writing by the owner as part of the routine maintenance program
  • The Mustang Museum will not compensate the owner for displaying owner’s vehicle