Donate Your Mustang to the Museum

Mustang Museum of America will consider receiving a donation of your Ford Mustang

Donate Your Mustang to the Museum

The Mustang Museum of America will consider receiving a donation of a Mustang or Mustangs from individuals (or other museums, collectors, businesses, etc.).

If you are interested in donating your vehicle to the Museum, please review the following information and contact the Museum Director with any questions and to obtain a copy of the Museum Vehicle Donation Agreement.

Donation guidelines are as follows:

  • Generally, the Mustang must be museum-quality, however, other unique Mustangs will also be considered
  • The Mustang to be considered for donation should be in stock or near-stock condition
  • The Mustang owner is responsible for transporting the Mustang to the Museum; however the Museum may reimburse the owner for reasonable
    transportation expense
  • Depending on owner’s location, the Museum may have a recommended transport shipper
  • If no objection by the donor, the Museum will prominently recognize the Mustang owner’s vehicle donation with the Mustang display
  • The Museum will maintain the donated Mustang to museum standards, insuring the quality of the vehicle is maintained for future generations
  • The owner should obtain an appraisal of the donated vehicle for income tax purposes
  • The Museum will provide the Mustang owner (donor) a Certificate of Donation as official acknowledgement of vehicle donation
  • The Mustang Museum cannot compensate the owner for donation of vehicle
1972 Mustang Convertible This Mustang is a rare 1972 R-Code; R-Code representing the rare 351-4bbl V-8, High Output engine. This rare convertible is 1 of 13 with the R-Code package which includes a 4-speed transmission, 9-inch rear axle with 3:91 gears, competition suspension, staggered rear shocks and 15-inch wheels.
1986 Ford Mustang Convertible -- This 1986 Mustang was graciously donated to the Museum by its original owner, Bob Rose. It has less than 35,000 original miles and has several period-correct, tasteful modifications including a supercharger.
1968 California Special Ford Mustang – Ford produced 3,867 California Special Editions as part of a marketing promotion in California. This Mustang has been restored to award-winning show condition including repaint to “Grabber Blue”

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