Our Ford Mustang collection includes over 100 cars under one roof with almost every year and generation of the Mustang produced on display

Our Ford Mustang Collection

The Mustang Museum of America has Mustangs on display from its introduction on April 17, 1964 to its 50th Anniversary in 2015 representing every generation of Ford Mustang produced. Mustang coupes, convertibles, fastbacks and hatchbacks are on display including many in rare colors.  The Mustangs displayed on our website are only a portion of the cars in our Ford Mustang collection we have on display in our museum.

Our Ford Mustang collection includes over 100 Mustangs under one roof with almost every year and generation of the Mustang produced on display along with a display of Mustang memorabilia relevant to its history.  Many special models are also on display with the largest collection of Highway Patrol Mustangs and other rare SSP Mustangs in the United States.  The Mustang Museum of America is definitely a sought after venue for Mustang and car enthusiasts providing an incredible automotive experience to re-live the Ford Mustang!

Our Mustangs on display include:

1977 Mustang Ghia

– This Mustang II is the same model and color of the car driven by Jaclyn Smith in the 1970’s television series “Charlie’s Angels”.

1970 Mustang Coupe Grande

– This is a fine example of a well-maintained Mustang sold in the early 1970s with Competition Yellow paint color.

1978 Mustang Hatchback Mach 1

- This Mustang is one of only 668 produced in the rare “Tangerine” color.  This Mustang was built at the San Jose, California Plant and all previous owners lived in California, making this a very nice, well-maintained original Mustang.

1973 Mustang Convertible

-This is an excellent restoration of a rare 1973 Mustang convertible with Medium Copper Brown paint, Medium Ginger knitted vinyl interior, 351-4V engine, 4-speed transmission and NASA-style hood with Dual Ram Air Induction.

1969 Mustang Mach 1

-This Mustang is restored to factory new condition with Candyapple Red paint, 390-4V engine, 4-speed transmission, Dark Red Mach 1 interior and Shaker Hood Scoop.  With its rare options, it is a “one of one” Mustang.

1983 Mustang Convertible

-1983 is the first year Ford produced convertibles since 1973.  This is a rare 1983 Mustang Convertible with GLX trim package, V-6 engine and automatic transmission. This is one of only 31 convertibles produced in the rare Light Desert Tan color.

1965 Mustang Coupe

- This Springtime Yellow with Black Vinyl Top Mustang has been in the same family since purchased new in April, 1965. It is in excellent condition and has a 289-2V engine, C-4 automatic transmission, factory air conditioning and a rare front bench seat.

1988 Mustang GT

- Well preserved 1988 Mustang GT in Medium Cabernet Red with 34k original miles. Flowmaster mufflers are the only modification.

1973 Mustang Convertible

-This 1973 Mustang Convertible is the last year of the first generation Mustangs and the last year convertibles were produced until 1983.  It has recent repaint in the original white with a NASA style hood added. This Mustang has a rare 3-speed, straight shift transmission.

1984 Mustang SVO

– This is one of 4508 first-year, 1984 Mustang SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) with the 2.3L turbocharged, 4-cylinder engine and 5-speed transmission.

1995 Mustang

- This is an excellent example of a low-optional 1995 Mustang with both the rare GTS trim package and the rare Canary Yellow color, 5.0 H.0 Engine with 5-speed transmission.

1986 Mustang

- This 1986 Mustang was graciously donated to the Museum by its original owner, Bob Rose.  It has less than 35,000 original miles and has several period-correct, tasteful modifications including a supercharger.

1986 Mustang

- This 1986 Mustang was graciously donated to the Museum by its original owner, Bob Rose.  It has less than 35,000 original miles and has several period-correct, tasteful modifications including a supercharger.

1972 Coupe

– This is a fine example of a low-milage, well-maintained Mustang sold in early 1970’s.

1982 Hatchback

- This is an all original, two – owner survivor Mustang with the T-Top option and only 62,000 original miles.

1981 Hatchback

- This Mustang was sold new to a lady who saw this exact model in a Mustang brochure and asked her local dealer to order one for her.  Being a feature car, it is only 1 of 13 with these exact options, including “Bright Bittersweet” paint.

1967 Coupe

- This was a special order Mustang in the rare “Playboy Pink” color.  This Mustang has been restored to original condition and has the original 289 V-8 engine and C-4 automatic transmission.

1985 Hertz SVO

- In 1985, Hertz Rent-A-Car purchased 37 Mustang SVO’s, the high-performance Mustang developed by Ford’s Special Vehicle Operations.  This Hertz SVO has been beautifully restored to original factory specifications.

1996 Mystic Cobra

- In 1996, Ford produced 1,950 Cobra Mustangs with a special “Mystic” paint color; a special high-tech, color shifting paint developed by BASF.

1973 Convertible

- This is an excellent example of the last year of the First Generation Mustang and the last year of the convertible until 1983.  It has the rare Gold Glow paint.

1965 Ford T-5

- This is a “Mustang” that was produced for export to Germany, probably to a member of the U.S. Armed Forces. Ford could not use the name “Mustang” in Germany, therefore named these vehicles “Ford T-5”. This Mustang is a “Barn Find” and will be restored in the near future.

2012 Mustang GT Convertible

- This is an excellent example of a fun-driving Mustang, being a Performance Pack 1 convertible GT, with the 5.0 Coyote engine, Brembo brakes, and 6-speed manual transmission.

1977 Ghia Coupe

– This is an original one-owner, low-mileage, well maintained example of the Mustang II Generation. It has the original silver paint.

1968 Mustang Convertible

– This Mustang was produced in Jose, California and spent its early years in California and, except for one repaint in the 1980’s, is in original condition.

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Special Models on Display

Ford built many special model Mustangs from the 1964-1/2 Mustang Indianapolis Pace Car Replica to the 2015 50th Anniversary Edition. The Mustang Museum of America has over 35 special models on display, some of which are believed to be the only survivor of that special model.

Highway Patrol Mustangs

Special Service Package (“SSP”) Mustangs are the special factory-built Mustangs designed specifically for police use with most used by various states by the Highway Patrol. 1982 to 1993 SSP Fox-Body Mustangs were used by 32 states and other government agencies including the FBI...

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