We have the Largest Collection of Highway Patrol Mustangs and other rare Special Service Package Mustangs in the United States

Our Highway Patrol and SSP Mustang Collection

Special Service Package (“SSP”) Mustangs are the special factory-built Mustangs designed specifically for police use with most used by various states by the Highway Patrol. 1982 to 1993 SSP Fox-Body Mustangs were used by 32 states and other government agencies including the FBI, U.S. Post Office and the U.S. Air Force. The Mustang Museum of America has the largest collection of SSP Mustangs on display in the United States.

Some of Our Highway Patrol and SSP Mustang Collection on display include:

1992 Michigan SSP Mustang

– The State of Michigan used SSP Mustangs in 1989 and 1992.  This is one of only 6 known to exist and has been restored to original condition.

1988 Mustang SSP “Chase Car”

– This Mustang is 1 of only 6 Mustangs used by the U.S. Air Force to follow (“chase”) the U-2 Spy Plane at high speed and advise the pilots if wings were tilting when landing.

1988 Alabama SSP Coupe

– This Mustang was used by the Alabama Highway Patrol from 1988 to 1997; a total of 31 were purchased by the State of Alabama, only 6 are known to still exist.

1992 SSP Mississippi State Patrol Mustang

- Mississippi State Patrol ordered ten 1991 and ten 1992 Mustang SSP’s.  This car is currently the only known remaining Mississippi State Patrol Mustang in existence.  It has been restored to in-service specifications including period-correct police equipment.

1990 SSP Trussville Police Mustang

- This Mustang is a Ford Mustang police package car used by the City of Trussville, Alabama police department for several years.  The vehicle has been restored to its original, in-service condition including correct police radio equipment, lights and decals.

1988 Mustang SSP Pierce County Sheriff’s Dept

- This is a 1988 SSP (Special Service Package) Mustang used by the Pierce County Sheriff’s department in the state of Washington.  This vehicle has been restored to its in-service condition in the original Cabernet Red color.

1983 Mustang SSP Idaho

-This 1983 Mustang SSP (Special Service Package) was used by the Idaho State Police.  This is one of twelve used by ISP in 1983.  This Mustang was restored back to its original in-service condition by George Tresider.

1990 Mustang SSP Nevada

- This is a rare 1990 Mustang SSP (Special Service Package) used by the Nevada Highway Patrol in the Las Vegas district.  Unit 217.  This vehicle is fully restored to its original in-service condition.

1988 Mustang GT New York City

- This Mustang started life as an ordinary 1988 Mustang GT in New York City.  It was confiscated by the NYPD for excessive street racing and then converted to a NYPD police vehicle.  It has been featured in the May 1998 edition of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords and has just completed a full restoration to in-service condition.

1991 SSP Royal Canadian Mounted Police Mustang

- This Special Service Package Mustang was delivered on March 28, 1991 to Innisfall, Alberta for police service patrolling Highway 2 between Edmonton and Calgary and it remained in service through July, 1993.

1982 Mustang CHP Proto-type

- This Mustang is the ORIGINAL vehicle provided by Ford Motor Company to the California Highway Patrol in early 1982 for proto-type evaluation of the Mustang as a pursuit vehicle. Upon the successful testing, the CHP ordered 406 1982 Mustangs for use in their highway patrol fleet. This Mustang is “The Mustang that Started It All” for SSP Mustangs to be used by 32 state highway patrol units.

1988 Arizona SSP Mustang

- In 1988, the Arizona Highway Patrol ordered 20 Special Service Package Mustangs.  This Mustang has been restored to in-service specs including the unique, Arizona HP front push-bar.

1983 Florida Highway Patrol SSP Mustang

- The Florida Highway Patrol started using the Ford Mustang equipped with the Special Service Package (SSP) from Ford in 1983, when they ordered 40 for patrol use. The FHP purchased over 1600 Mustangs between 1983 and 1993, making them one of the largest users of the Mustang SSP. The 1983 cars were based on the “L” trim line with a unique Walnut interior. FHP ordered their marked cars factory painted the FHP’s Black and Tan from Ford. Ford painted the entire car tan first, then painted the black. Carrying over from their other vehicles, FHP ran their full-size Federal CJ184 beacon on the roof, with the siren speaker inside the beacon’s housing. This car is one of only a few known survivors, and the only one restored to in-service specs.

Reference: http://specialservicemustang.net/FHP.htm

1987 Delaware State Police SSP Mustang

- This is one of only a few SSP Mustangs purchased by the Delaware State Police in 1987.  Between 2 and 9 were sold to Delaware State Police to use primarily as pursuit vehicles for speeders on I-95, the heavily-traveled Interstate that goes from one end of the state to the other.

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Our collection includes over 100 Ford Mustangs under one roof with almost every year and generation of the Mustang produced on display along with a display of Mustang memorabilia relevant to its history.  Many special models are also on display with the largest collection of Highway Patrol Mustangs and other rare SSP Mustangs in the United States.  The Mustang Museum of America is definitely a sought after venue for Mustang and car enthusiasts providing an incredible automotive experience to re-live the Ford Mustang!

Huge Mustang Collection

The Mustang Museum of America has Mustangs on display from its introduction on April 17, 1964 to its 50th Anniversary in 2015 representing every generation of Mustang produced. Mustang coupes, convertibles, fastbacks and hatchbacks are on display including many in rare colors.

Special Models on Display

Ford built many special model Mustangs from the 1964-1/2 Mustang Indianapolis Pace Car Replica to the 2015 50th Anniversary Edition. The Mustang Museum of America has over 35 special models on display, some of which are believed to be the only survivor of that special model.

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